Diets That Work

The Sobering Truth About Diets That Work Fast

Diets That Work
Diets that work fast, as a rule, seem to motivate my personal training clients the most effectively. With many of them, if they don't get results quickly, they have a tendency to "fall off the wagon." However, when they approach me wanting a "quick" weight loss diet, I make sure to explain to them what they must know about fast weight loss.

Generally speaking, most quick weight loss diets drastically reduce the amount of carbohydrates that an individual consumes. Quite often, the diets restrict sodium(salt), as well.

Because carbohydrates are largely composed of water, and salt causes individuals to hold water, restriction of these two substances leads to a large loss of water weight.

On diets that work fast, most individuals are ecstatic when the scales reflect a substantial weight loss in the first several days. With very obese dieters, the weight loss during those first several days can be 10 lbs or more!
What individuals on these diets must understand, is that the weight loss will drastically slow down after the first several days. In fact, some individuals may actually gain weight back if the body attempts to take back some of the water it has lost.

Or, if dieters make the mistake of eating salty foods!
The consistency of the weight loss can be maintained, to a certain extent, by consuming at least 64 oz of water daily. This large consumption of water, spread out over the course of a day, causes the kidneys to excrete fluids with regularity.

Somewhere around the 3rd week, on a diet that works fast, some individuals may experience a temporary interruption in weight loss. These "plateaus" can occur for several reasons.

One cause could be water settling in to gaps underneath the skin where fat has been mobilized and lost. This is only temporary, and eventually the water will be subject to gravity, and be eliminated.

So, what is the appeal of diets that work fast?
Early this year I was approached by several of my personal training clients who wanted to lose weight. Many of them had made new year's resolutions, and needed my help keeping them.

They begged me to find diets that work fast, as they had failed with most "mainstream" diets.

I began researching every diet program I could find, and even tried a few of them myself!I posted online diet surveys and even did phone interviews with the creators of some popular diets

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